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Hamunaptra - City of the Dead! The place where Imhotep was buried beneath the statue of Anubis!
Hamunaptra as in Mummy 1
A dream came true this January - I found the City of the Dead!!!
MapA lot of parts of the two Mummy films where filmed here - in 1998 and 2000, nearby the city of Erfoud, where the staff has lived in hotels. I found in the internet, that the place where they filmed Hamunaptra was an old volcano, in more or less 3 miles distance to Erfoud. So I searched satellite maps and made a map for searching the place, because I was going to make a journey to Morocco - and also to Erfoud. Two weeks in Marocco, 10 days on camel, and at the end we arrived in the desert dunes of Erg Chebbi. Our guide tried to help me to find that place, and it was in Rissani, where he learned, that the two Mummy films were actually filmed nearby. On 23rd of January 2008 we drove to that place and found it: Hamunapatra!!! It was unbelievable! So amazing!!!
The End of HamunaptraNowadays, the volcano is part of a dessert rallye for Morocco women. In the volcano there were a lot of mural constructions which were not erecting by the filming team but in old times by the Portuguese - for protection. The Mummy team had to clean that place, so there was very little what remains: just a few old nails... But what a perfect place for filming the Mummy scenes. Also the outside was used for filming. So here a lot of pictures - and truely, I had to dress up as a Medjai warrior just guarding Hamunaptra.

Ist es Hamunaptra?

The old volcano just
in front of us: Is it
really Hamunaptra?


Side view of the volcano

Wir nähern uns

We are approaching.
It is so exciting!

Ja, es ist Hamunaptra!!!!

YES!!! It is


The tipical entrance
one can clearly see
in the Mummy films

Hinein geht's!

Tik tik tik !!!
Just going inside!

Endlich in Hamunaptra

In Hamunaptra: Now we
are driving to the top of
th old volcano using the
desert road-

View from above inside the volcano

View from above.
See also the large
field just in front of
the volcano.

Potrugiesische Mauern überall

Murals from the
Portuguese. -
We are descending
on our feet.

Simon in Hamunaptra

Simon on a cliff in


Now turned into a

Medjai bewachen Hamunaptra

...and guarding again
the City of the Dead !!!

Vor dem Eingang

The entrance of

Draußen wacht es sich besser

I have to guard the
City of the Dead -
but better outside

Lachende Bianca

I'm sooooo happy -
being here at
Hamunaptra !!!!